General Terms and Conditions of Sale



All clauses or conditions on our customers' commercial documents are null and void with respect to us, as long as they could be contrary to any of the following general conditions.



1st order: if the order is less than 10k€, a bank transfer will be requested before shipping.
If the order is more than 10k€, a deposit of 25% will be requested.
Annual contract: a deposit of 25% may be requested.
Cancellation of order (one-off or annual): any order placed is cancelable and must be paid for at the stage of the order (including return transport of the goods).
A cancellation indemnity will be calculated according to the operating loss generated.
Any order release will be done after receipt of the actual order.



Unless otherwise stipulated, the delivery is deemed to be made in the IBF FRANCE factory, and consequently, the goods travel at the risk of the recipient.
We take our best care to deliver within the agreed time, however, any delay will not justify the cancellation of the order or the payment of damages.
The parties agree that in the event of a delay in the delivery of an annual contract called into question by the customer whose delivery schedule had been established at the start of the order, an additional cost on the business supported by IBF France could be discussed.
On the other hand, delays due to cases of force majeure such as strikes, lockouts, fires, machine breakdowns, etc. and those resulting from delays by our suppliers, as well as any other circumstance beyond our control, automatically entitle us to a corresponding extension of the promised delivery times.



The prices appearing on our offers and notices of delivery are established according to the economic conditions in force at the day of our offer (materials, wages, expenses, conditions of importation) and are revisable at the day of the delivery in the event of variation of these conditions.
They are often indicated FREE of shipping. Unless otherwise stipulated, they are net and without discount, for goods taken bare in our factory.
Packaging is invoiced in addition to the price of the goods, and cannot be taken back..
A discount of 1% will be applied in case of payment by bank transfer within 5 days after the delivery date.



No claim on quantity or weight can be admitted after a regular discharge has been given to the Company and this within 1 month after the date of receipt of the goods.


Return of parts

The parts delivered in conformity are not taken back, except in the cases where our guarantee will apply.



Our warranty is limited to the replacement of any defective part or part of a part within the shortest possible time.
The free replacement will be granted by us only after examination of the parts in dispute which will have to be sent to us free of postage and packing.



In the event of a dispute, the Courts of SAINT ETIENNE will have sole jurisdiction, even in the case of incidental or guarantee claims or multiple defendants.


Parts subject to special manufacture

Advance payments on orders.
For certain important orders, the payment of a deposit could be required.