Thanks to our capacities machines, in the technical skills and in the experience of our teams, IBF France proposes a complete service of manufacturing following drawing.

Turning, drilling, tapping, cutting of gearing and reaming of the entries of teeth, establishes the services which our structure offers you with technicality, speed and quality.

Capacities of manufacturing :

Turning Drilling Complements
Front lathes C.N.C. Drilling C.N. GSP Grinding MODUL
(Maxi diameter : 1 800 mm) Radial drill GSP (Module maxi. : 10)
  Boring drill NILES (Maxi diameter : 1 100 mm)
Vertical lathes (TITAN, WEBSTER ...) (Maxi diameter : 2 500 mm)  
(Maxi diameter : 2 500 mm)   Superficial tempering